TV Leads The Way In Educational Media At Home For Kids

As parents, we’ve grown accustomed to some of our favorite lines we use on our children from “Your clothes didn’t just get up and walk away,” “I don’t care who started it, two wrongs don’t make a right,” and my personal favorite, “Because I said so.”

After conducting a national survey of more than 1500 parent of children ages 2-10 to find out how much of children’s media time is devoted to educational content, The Joan Ganz Cooney Center proves parents may want to give a second thought before they use the classic line “Too much TV will rot your brain.”

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center’s report,  Learning at Home: Families’ Educational Media Use in America is the first comprehensive analysis of parents’ experiences with the educational media their children use. The survey covers children’s use of television, DVDs, video games, books, e-readers, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Key Findings from Learning at Home: Families’ Educational Media Use in America

When it comes to educational media at home for kids, parents believe the educational value of TV leads the way in delivering educational content.

Educational content on mobile devices was ranked lowest in learning by parents in every subject area.
Children learn less from mobile devices

Photo Credit: The Joan Ganz Cooney Center

Children spend far more time with educational TV
than they do with educational content on other platforms
such as mobile devices, computers, or video games.

television leads mobile in delivering educational content

Photo Credit: The Joan Ganz Cooney Center

more results, visit The Joan Ganze Cooney Center

And for a look at how technology has been integrated into our children's live, visit here


Do you agree with the results? What do you feel your child learns best from?

Free App Friday

Between baby formula, school sports, and celebrating your child’s first win, having kids is expensive, fun, but expensive. Whether it’s clothing, tech gadgets, household items or even food, everyone loves a good deal, and for parents, when those good deals mean free, it’s even better.

Now that the weekend’s here, what better way to celebrate than with some great deals and great fun for your kids. The Digital Parenting Blog will showcase 5  free apps for kids every Friday ranging from toddler apps to high school apps and every age in between.

Each week, we’ll offer you a variety of free children’s apps including:
Animals & Nature Apps – Arts & Crafts/Creativity Apps – Astronomy Apps
Autism Apps – Characters & Themes Apps – Game Apps – Geography Apps
Health Apps – Language Apps – Math Apps – Memory Apps – Music Apps
Potty Training Apps – Puzzle Apps – Science Apps – Spelling Apps and more!

Don’t worry moms and dads, there’s something free for you too! Not only can you get a free iPad mini (see below apps), but your kids will be so entertained by fun, new apps, you’ll no longer need to fear that common kid complaint on the weekend, “I’m Bored!”

Here’s our top 5 picks for Free App Friday!

 Fergus Ferry App*: Take to the harbour with Fergus Ferry and all his friends as you and your children read the stories, play the game and explore Fergus’ world.
fergus ferry hd app
*All 24 Fergus Ferry stories
*2 story modes – Read-Along, Read-Myself
*Offers hours of play, reading and entertainment
*Simple touch controls, full voice-over instructions, lots of chances to earn points
*Go! Fergus game  - Drive Fergus Ferry around the harbor to rescue people, save boats, scare off sharks and avoid crashes with other ferries.
Go Fergus game
Source: Fergus Ferry

Imagination Box – Colors, Shapes, Numbers and Letters*:Your child will enjoy hours of playtime filled with laughter, while choosing different play dough shapes, including letters and numbers, changing each piece of molded dough’s color, and placing it on their choice of background to create any type of scene that he or she can dream up.
imagination box app
*Appropriate for kids of all ages
*Kid-friendly design, easy to use
*App includes 62 pieces of play dough, including shapes, numbers, and uppercase letters in 9 different colors
*12 colorful backgrounds available, or add your own background image from the iPad camera roll
imagination box apps
*10 colorful markers
*Pictures are stored and displayed right in the applications
*Save your child’s masterpiece as an image to your device
imagaination box app for kids
Source: Imagination Box- Colors, Shapes, Numbers and Letters

Garden Lab*: Learn how nature works and fill your garden with colors! Plant, water and grow flowers. Mix colours and create new seeds. The options are endless! With Garden Lab you will learn how to take care of a garden and have fun while experimenting with colors and shapes.
garden lab
Lessons include:
*How nature’s cycles work: night and day, appearance, growth and reproduction of plants
*How some natural phenomena work: rain, wind, etc.
*How the theory of color works: primary and secondary colors
*Basic mathematical notions: adding and subtracting
*Values of respect for and care of the environment

garden lab app
Source: Garden Lab

Book Puzzle Emma in Africa*:Emma in Africa” is the first of a series of Book Puzzles, brought to you by the creators of the award winning and best selling Wood Puzzle apps. It’s a simulated short children’s book that combines amazing images, sounds, music and puzzles, keeping kids entertained and encouraging them to read with its multimedia approach to learning.
Book Puzzle Emma in Africa
*Book is in two languages, English and/or Spanish.
*Includes audio on off feature, for read along.
*10 classic and 10 shape puzzles!
*Features a song in Swahili language, with English and Spanish translation.
*Lots of real pictures with fun educational animal facts.
Book Puzzle Emma in Africa app
Source:Book Puzzle Emma in Africa

Shapes Memory Match! Shape Learning Game for Kids*: Created by parents and teachers, “Shapes Memory Match” is the perfect teaching tool for shape identification and recognition skills combining exciting card matching game play with professional narration, fun music and positive feedback. It’s fun and easy for kids to use.
Shapes Memory Match! Shape Learning Game for Kids Shapes Memory Match! Shape Learning Game for Kids app Shapes Memory Match! app
Source: Shapes Memory Match! Shape Learning Game for Kids

•Match shapes to shapes 
•Match everyday items to their shape
•Match unique pictures that have same shape 
•Hear the shapes as you touch them 
•Discover new shapes, designs and layouts as you play 
•Pop balloons and hear them count 
•”Show Me” option keeps cards face up for easier play

Free iPad Mini: Alright moms and dads, now it’s your turn! Sure it’s nice that your kids will be busy having fun all weekend with the free apps you just picked up for them, but what about you? Right now DISH is offering a free iPad Mini to new customers who sign up for DISH and the Hopper. Who said parents can’t enjoy the free things in life too? So while your kids are enjoying their new apps you just got for them, you can enjoy your new iPad Mini so head on over to DISH and get yours!

What free apps did you get today?



*Disclosure* These apps are free at the time we publish, but may change back to paid at any time. So download while they are free, and always check the price in the app store before you download.

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Discover Your Child’s Strengths With Local Kids Activities From Thrively

If your one of the many parents who’s spent money on camps, summer activities or after school programs only to find out, it wasn’t a good fit for your child, you’re not alone. When it comes to kids activities, we’re left with too many options and not enough time to find the one that’s right, leading to a two things parents never like to see, wasted money and bored children.

What if you could find fun kids activities that play to your child’s strengths? Now you can with Thrively!

You’re Invited to Thrively’s Beta Program from Thrively on Vimeo.

On January 23rd, Thrively will launch it’s expanded beta program, blog and new social media channels, giving children a chance to discover their unique strengths and giving parents the chance to find appropriate programs, camps or activities that match those strengths.

thrively kids activities


Based on deep science and decades of clinical experience, Thrively’s strength-based assessment, “Strength Exploration” and activity database currently has over 100,000 activities for kids in California, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, DC and Seattle. Creating an account is simple, consisting of creating an account and adding your childrens’ first name, birth date, gender and optional photo.

thrively account set up


Your dashboard offers you your parent’s profile, access to each one of your children’s profiles, the ability to invite friends, add tips and activities.
thrively childrens programs

After you’ve added everyone, you’ll have the option of exploring Thrively and its library of inspirational videos and fun activities in your area or having your child start the strength assessment known as “Strength Exploration.” Thrively worked with two leading pediatric neuropsychologists, Dr. Jonine Biesman and Dr. Jayme Neiman-Kimel  to develop an assessment for kids that helps them find out exactly what their strengths are, including focus, creative thinking, analytical ability, agility and more.
Thrively childrens activities

Your child’s strength assessment should take around 25 minutes, after which they’ll receive their own personal strength profile which gives them insights into their dynamic personality. From there, Thrively provides you with a variety of local kids activities that are customized to nurture their passions, build on their strengths and foster their interests.

popular kids activities

You’ll have the ability to discover unique, targeted activities in your community, online and around the world that will inspire your children, fuel their growth, and prepare them for success.

fun activities for kids   fun activities for children

Once you and your child decide on the perfect activity, whether it be camps, after school programs, kids spring break activities or summer activities, Thrively offers in-depth Roadmaps. You’ll be provided with an activity description, the strengths it focuses on, directions, phone numbers and websites to the activity and the options to mark down the activity as completed or as a favorite.
kids after school activities

Just finishing up with Christmas vacation, Thrively comes just in time to find kids Spring break activities and programs. Plus, Thrively gives you get a head start by letting you plan your child’s summer activities.
kids summer activities

Why wait until next week to get started? Thrively is offering three months of free access to their premium services if you’re on of the first 1,000 people to sign up! So what are you waiting for? If you’re the parent of elementary to middle school children, trying to find the perfect activities, camps and after school programs for your kids, head on over to Thrively and connect your child with unique activities and opportunities.

For more information on Thrively, visit them @
Find Thrively on: Facebook  -  Twitter  -  LinkedIn  -  Vimeo  -




Nabi Jr. NICK Jr. Edition Review

As a parent, it’s my job to introduce technology into my children’s lives in a way that’s safe, positive and productive and nabi has helped me to do just that this Christmas. Finding technology that’s age-appropriate and won’t have kids on the internet all day can be a challenge for parents, but the nabi Jr. NICK Jr. edition ensures your kids will have more fun learning with their favorite Nick Jr. TV characters.
nabi jr nick jr

My decision to purchase the nabi Jr. NICK Jr. edition was easy, knowing my kids’ were going to be learning and having fun with their favorite TV characters that they’ve come to know and love. NICK Jr. characters like Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi and Bubble Guppies are designed to help kids learn, discover and grow with the nabi Jr., the first full-featured learning tablet built for kids.
nabijr_nick_01_Locked_Screen_1500_v1a_mediumAs a parent of a 3 and 4 year old, I was worried the nabi Jr. would only be used a few times before it became just another toy for them. Instead, the nabi Jr. has become my kids’ ultimate source of entertainment, opting to learn and play games with their favorite TV characters instead of playing with their other Christmas gifts.

nabijr_nick_02_Front_Read_1500_v1a_mediumThe nabi Jr. Nick Jr. edition brings new adventures every day with apps, games, books and videos from your child’s favorite Nick Jr. characters including Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Backyardigans, Wonder Pets, Ni Hao Kai-lan and Go Diego Go.

nabijr_nick_03_Front_Play_1500_v1a_mediumThe Wings Learning System helps your kids achieve success in math, reading and writing, tailoring fun learning activities to your child’s strengths and weaknesses. With the Wings Learning System, you’ll get Wings Adaptive Learning System, Wings Challenges, N-Site Reporting, Wings University Books Store and nabi Coins and Treasure Box.

wings challengeWant to know how your child’s learning is going? N-Site Reports give parents a look at their child’s performance, strengths and trouble spots by grade-level, usage and lessons. Your kids will love working on their lessons, knowing they’ll be rewarded with nabi Coins that they can use to buy more of their favorite apps and games. Instantly transform your child’s NICK Jr. edition into a baby monitor, cash register, karaoke machine and more with plug-and-play accessories.

nabijr_nick_04_Front_Watch_1500_v1a_mediumYour kids will have plenty to keep them busy until next Christmas with over 30 built-in apps and games that focus on reading, puzzles, counting, matching and first words, a 180° rotating camera/video recorder, MP3 player, and 5 different color and draw apps. With a Drop-Safe bumper, you can make sure it’ll make it to next Christmas.

nabijr_nick_05_Back_Horizontal_1500_v1a_medium nabijr_nick_06_Side_Right_1500_v1a_medium
Sure the kids can have fun, but nabi puts parents in charge with the best parental controls, web filtering and app management available, so you can trust your kids are safe while they’re busy learning. What sets the nabi jr. apart from all the rest? With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a high-resolution touch screen, Android apps, expandable memory and a rechargeable battery, the nabi Jr. Nick Jr. edition, unlike those other kids tablets, was designed as a tool, not a toy, so your kids can learn and grow.

-5-inch Multi-Touch Display (800 x 480 Resolution)
-NVIDIA Tegra 3 Mobile Processor w/ Quad-Core CPU & 5th Battery-Saver Core
-Storage – 16GB that’s expandable via MicroSD (Up to 32GB)
-MicroSD Compatible Cartridge Slot
-Memory – 1GB RAM
-180° Rotating 2MP Camera/720p Video
-2,500mAH Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
-3.5mm Standard Audio Jack
-nabi Connector
-Built-in Microphone
-Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
-Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC
-Audio: MP3, AAC, WMA, WMV
-Video: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264

Price: $139.99
What You’ll Get:
-nick Jr. Edition Tablet
-nabi Connector to USB Cable
-Power Adapter
-nick Jr. Branded Drop-Safe Bumper (Orange)
-Product Information Guide
-One (1) Year Limited Warranty

nabi_Kinabis_Letter_Pack_wTablet_1500_v1a_mediumPersonalize – Let your child’s creativity come out with KINABIs! Your child can personalize their nabi jr. with letters, animals, sports, desserts and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As a parent of two, KINABIs were a must, helping both my children and I distinguish who’s nabi jr. was who’s.
09B0D574D7B6EA013B432C1B63051600_AWSAccessKeyId_0P4TXH5AKGYC8WHDZFG2_Expires_1383625552_Signature_UTX5kynsGlQ0gtVk7SpeAzOMZis_3D_medium 33E916E32DD472013B432BC7BA051600_AWSAccessKeyId_0P4TXH5AKGYC8WHDZFG2_Expires_1383625552_Signature_aqNuBJ_2FFY_2BT_2BqEciZN8V1iDsqvI_3D_medium EAC71776FCE9FA013B432C90AB051600_AWSAccessKeyId_0P4TXH5AKGYC8WHDZFG2_Expires_1382511567_Signature_tY55hWq_2BZa1ObYIyMxwFzB5rVf0_3D_medium nabi_Interest_Pack_TMNT_Brick_InsideBox_1500_v2_medium
Travel and Storage – Taking your child’s Nabi Jr. on the go is easier than ever with Nabi’s storage and travel solutions. No matter what age your child is, Nabi offers plenty of travel and storage options for your child’s Nabi Jr.

Nabi Sling Sleeve: A kid-sized ergonomic fit that’s lightweight, compact, durable and offers multiple interior storage compartments.
nabi Messenger Bag: A kid-sized ergonomic fit that’s lightweight, comfortable, durable, stylish and offers multiple interior storage departments.


nabi jr. Protective Case: Perfect for kids on the go. Protects your child’s nabi Jr. from bumps, scratches and wear and tear. It’s convenient, compact, soft, lightweight and durable design makes it the perfect solution for daily travel, whether its used alone or with the nabi backpack.

nabi Backpack: It’s the perfect solution for the big kid in your family! The nabi Backpack offers a kid-sized ergonomic fit that’s comfortable, durable, and stylish. With padded, Velcro compartments, your child’s nabi Jr. will stay safe and organized.

Solutions – Looking for extra accessories for your child’s nabi Jr.? nabi offers everything you’ll need from 4’ and 10’ charger cables to power banks to screen protectors.
nabi_jr_xd_ChargerCable_10ft_1500_v4_medium nabi_Power_Bank_Angle_1500_v4a_medium nabijr_ScreenProt_01_Angle_1500_v1_medium nabijr_Screen_Protector_Includes_1500_v1a_medium
Available In-Store and online – Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Abt, B & H, BJs, BrandsMart USA, Curacao, Electronic Express, Game Stop, h.h. Gregg, J & R, kmart, Meijer, Micro Center, Nebraska Furniture Mart, RC Willey, Sam’s Club, Sears

Available In-Store at – Alco, Best Buy Mobile, Fred Meyer,

Available Online at – nabi shop, Amazon, Fingerhut, Radio Shack


What do you think of the nabi Jr. NICK Jr. Edition? What are your favorite features?

Christmas Activities For The Whole Family

Last minute Christmas shopping, present wrapping, and cookie making duties are on the schedule today now that it’s Christmas Eve. When our Christmas duties are finished, why not spend some time on the computer with your kids exploring fun Christmas activities. Whether you’re looking to track Santa’s trip around the world, learn more about Christmas or find out if you’re on the naughty list, there’s plenty of Christmas activities on the internet that the whole family can join in on.

We’ve come up with a few websites that offer fun Christmas activities for the whole family!

Google Santa Tracker – On Christmas Eve, Google will be showcasing a preview of Santa’s dashboard, the technology that powers his sleigh during his around-the-world journey. Santa’s dashboard- featuring the latest and greatest in Google Maps technology and sleigh engineering – will allow you to ollow his progress around the world, and also learn a little about some of his stops along the way. Google’s friendly elves have also invited you to explore Santa’s village while Santa gets ready for his journey. So go ahead and explore his village, you might just find some fun activities and meet some interesting elves. The Google Maps Santa Tracker is created and developed by Google, with a little help from Santa’s elves.
Google Santa Tracker

NORAD Santa Tracker – For more than 50 years, NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa’s flight. Every year on Christmas Eve, NORAD tracks Santa purports to track Santa Claus as he leaves the North Pole and delivers presents to children around the world. Start tracking Santa now, visit the North Pole, play games, or have fun with movies, music, the library and secret Santa files.
NORAD Santa Tracker – celebrates the holidays with dozens of activities for children and families. A child-safe, award-winning holiday site, promotes a traditional look at Santa’s Secret Village at the North Pole, but with high-tech, creative features to keep children and adults entertained –all for free. – Santa Claus has the Village full of new fun this year for both kids and parents. Check your Naughty or Nice rating on the new Nice-O-Meter. Visit the new Toy Workshop to choose your personal Elf Buddy and see the most incredible Toy Making Machine yet. At Santa’s House, see him playing basketball and having snowball fights on The Santa Show. You can even listen to original Christmas songs and see a fully animated cartoon. Play with the reindeer in the new Reindeer Barn, play games in Elf School, print honorary Elf Diplomas, try funny holiday recipes, send an e-mail to Santa Claus and much more.
Santa’s Official Good List – Because making Santa’s coveted Good List is so important, for the first time ever, Santa has decided to publish it online. There’s only one rule… you have to be on the list yourself in order to take a peek inside… Thanks to the new North Pole Network, you can now chat directly with one of Santa’s elves at the North Pole. They’ll ask you a few questions to verify that your name is on the list and if so, give you a key granting you access to see for yourself. Thanks to the internet, you can now see, at any time, if your hard work to make Santa’s Nice List has been worth the effort.
Santa's Good List  Santa's good list christmas elves

Parents – For less than $10.00, you can turn your childrens’ Christmas morning into a magical day they’ll remember forever. Catch Santa in the act and show your kids proof that Santa was there in three easy steps. With a simple photo, you can bring back the wonder of Christmas and be your kids’ hero by catching Santa in the act. Some fun Santa poses include: Santa by the Christmas tree, coming down the chimney, eating the milk and cookies your kids left out for him, sleeping on the sofa, stealing a kiss from mommy and 15 other cute options.  Bring the spirit of Christmas to an all-time high with one photo.

Find Santa on Twitter too!!! Send Santa some last minute Christmas wishes @Santa!

Best TV Service Series Part 2: Channels

Holiday shopping for TV service? We’ll save you time with part 2 of our Best TV Service series, comparing TV channels from five different TV providers including DISH, Directv, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Verizon Fios. So the only thing you’ll be comparing this holiday season, is wrapping paper.


Americas Top 200

Price: $39.99/mo. For 12 months w/ 24-mo. agreement! (Regular Price $64.99/mo.)
-Over 235 satellite TV channels including Local and HD
-20 Sirius XM satellite radio music
-Free DISH Hopper
-Free HD for
-Free next day installation (where
-Free HBO, Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax (for 3
-Free streaming movies (for 3 months, Blockbuster @Home & http://www.dishonline.
Offer requires 24-month commitment and credit qualification

*Monthly DVR and receiver fees apply
**In up to 6 rooms
***Offer subject to change based on premium movie channel availability



Price: $34.99/mo. For 12 months w/ 24mo. agreement! (Regular Price $70.99/mo.; Regional Sports fee may apply)
-Over 205+ digital channels
- HBO, Starz, Showtime and Cinemax free for 3 months.
- Access to thousands of titles On Demand*
- Watch movies and shows anywhere, on your laptop, tablet, or cell phone*
- Free Genie Upgrade. One HD DVR powers your entire home. Connect up to 4 rooms**
-Lock in 2 years of savings. Save $10/MO. for 2 years on advanced receiver service***
- Online only! Free installation plus save $20 with free handling. ****
-No extra charge for local channels.*****
-No startup costs & No equipment to buy.

*Requires an HD DVR connected to the internet. Additional fees required for new releases
**Additional equipment required. Additional and Advanced receiver fees may apply. Minimum 2-room set-up may be required.
***(Reg. $25/MO.) with Auto Bill Pay, valid email address and paperless billing.
****Applicable use tax adjustment may apply on the retail value of the installation.
*****Eligibility based on service address. Not all networks available in all markets. See listings for your specific local channels included.

Time Warner Cable

Standard TV

Price: $39.99/mo. For 12 months!
-Over 70 popular channels and a variety of HDTV channels, including free local HD
-Get 2 years of savings – new low price for 12 months; $44.99/mo. for months 13-24. A good option if you’re looking for more than basic broadcast, local and public access.
-Local news and weather channels
-Note- TV Service Does Not Include Equipment. See equipment options and prices.
*Watch live TV on your tablet, computer or smartphone from any room in your home.


Digital Starter

Price: $39.99/mo. For the first 6 months! After first 6 months, monthly service charge goes to $59.99 for months 7-12.
-Over 80 digital channels, including TBS, TLC, Nickelodeon, and ESPN
-HBO free for 3 months.
-XFINITY On Demand – more ways to get entertainment. Enjoy the best selection of current TV shows and hit movies on any screen.
-Backed by the 30-Day Money-Back Comcast Customer Guarantee

Verizon FIOS

Select HD

Price: $49.99/mo. For 1yr. plus taxes, fees, equip, charges. Does Not Include Sports Channels (lowest package Verizon Fios offers)
-Over 163 channels, including 36 in HD
-Extensive On Demand library with over 30,000 titles per month, many free- including 3,800 HD titles each month
-46 Music Choice channels
-Interactive Media Guide

and the winner is……………..DISH. With the most channels at the best price, plus a free upgrade to the DISH Hopper that lets you connect up to six TVs in your home, DISH is the clear choice when it comes to the TV provider with the best channel options. DISH offers a variety of channel packages for both homes and businesses, so whether you’re enjoying a movie night at home or working late on a Friday night, you’ll have plenty of TV channels to keep you entertained.

Which TV provider do you think offers the best channels at the best price?